Noises In The Bushes

Curiosity was a trait you could not turn away, no matter how much you tried.

A few of the neighbor boys and girls are finding themselves to be curious as well; too bad one of the little one’s kicked the ball into the bushes.

“What a bummer!” was the consensus before everyone had to go to their own houses, and most of them caught themselves thinking of what tomorrow’s curiosity will offer.

The next afternoon, a 35th high school reunion party is getting set-up for. Friends seeing long-time friends, and so much to do… and… so much to do. No time to spare.

Mr. Johnson, as soon as he opened the back door to take out the trash, overheard a guest ring the door bell. Hurriedly, the trash had to be taken out, and Mrs. Johnson welcomed the first guests.

Mr. Johnson, as he approached the shrubbery, heard a snickering in the bushes.

Had we found our next victim to curiosity? What is hidden in there, Mr. Johnson?

The snickering continued, and Mr. Johnson hopped behind the leafy greens, and found his son’s kickball. As guests were piling in to their home, the topic of discussion was Mr. Johnson’s absence — for he is preoccupied, and he was dreaming about this shindig for months, and totally forgot of the events inside.

Mrs. Johnson was wondering where her husband was.

Moments like these come and go. We spend much of our energy aspiring to do something magnificent. Daydreaming at work; writing fridge reminders; telling our friends about what we’re going to do next. These become an everyday habit. All of these things keep us focused, until our noise in the bushes arouses our curiosity.

Something has made us forget that… one thing.

Did we really want to forget? What was it?

Ah, well!

Distractions appear fascinating and they want our involvement, as long as we commit.

Some times we have a party to go to! Memories would be made, and everyone would rather you be there. It is better to be fashionably late, then not go at all.

Stories are better to be told than kept silent.

Harold — peeping behind the drapes — in apartment #325, thought the same thing, as he remembered, “Curiosity was a trait I could not turn away, no matter how much I tried.”

He even missed his biggest party, his wedding ceremony, that he has been dreaming about since age 4. All because he let a glimpse of the stories of another snag his attention from his goals!


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