Under The Covers

Under the covers a child hides whenever they’re scared,

and the ringing moments an alarm clock goes off for school,

the covers only get more snug when Monsieur Winter, an uncomfortable feeling, creeps into the early morning.

Whatever it is — whoever it is,

it is hiding.

Mother’s take pride in their child’s findings from their explorations from under the covers

or comforting,


listening to them!

There are some things that you just wouldn’t want mom to hear, or want dad to see. In fact, most of our growth happens outside of our parents’ awareness. Our friends catch the extra shoe size we have been eloping, or the bag-girl that likes our trendy hair style. And the new cell phone we just bought — yeah, that sees everything else in-between.

However, there is that one person we talk to,

that one person that comforts,

that is loving,

and that we listen to!

This person has our trust, our admiration, and they have had the solo-weaving handiwork to the elegant, and smooth vase that we are.

This person — because of their tenderness, and gentle fashion — teach of the subtleties of life, and they silence the boisterous waves of our heart, and brings them to a steady calm. It is such a beautiful still-frame.

A home has been built on everything we found ourselves not understanding about life, and learning has become one of the several doors to a larger, undiscovered room.

This person may be a teacher to you, and some teachers carry a unique and special key opening your “right” room, and just like any new home, the first few nights into our grown-up selves seems a little frightening. The first place of safety worth running for is under the covers.

When mom comes back to our bedside, that little, wee child, from inside of us may come out from underneath the blanket, ready to tell of everything that we have seen and heard.

And every, little boy or girl just

had to do it for themselves.


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