A Perspective on Courage

Where does courage come from?

Courage is aroused,

and then awakened in the heart –

and like an overpowering rush of water, it is channeled to the eyes to be given

sight for its passion.

Poor in spirit,

the home Courage eloped,

gives of itself as a sacrifice — it is a magnificent hero.

/then there’s us/

On precious soils a costly war is waged,

and the arrival of the darkest of all the children of Father Dusk

only makes the fight more estranged.

/the bravado/

The remains of an unspoken strength of former lords,

whom, as legends aspire, have tried to conquer

this dark , internal, meloncholic satire,

was all but rash weakness.

Nothing must be accomplished

without purity of heart.

Courage is the inexplicable language of the soul.

This inexplicable language of the soul secretly  woo’s

the other tenant of the soul — love — and whispers,

“Without you (love) ,

who would care when no one else will not?”

Love arose, and came near.

“And without you (love),

all would be forgotten and lost!” Courage continued.

/the mystique/

Courage is the inexplicable language of the soul!


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