Clarity (light) within any story is a

beautiful climax:

the mystery that once lingered

came near to be friendly.

That’s the thing with any story,

the farther the words take the


a listener…

the writer…



and dreamer,

the clearer  the whole room becomes.

Ambiguity irresistibly resides in what the eyes normally  see

and makes looking at a scene,

not many can noticeably decipher,

a treasure within a treasure’s chest — an answer so longed hunted for.

How many moments have you sat,


looking ’round and see wanderers disregard pure glory?

Not because they knew magnificence,

or not knew beauty,

but because IT is silent — never desiring to awaken, but to itself be awakened!

All of creation tells a story:














Have you ever felt like you knew something that the person following you around just did not happen to catch, understand,

or could even put what just happened into words for another person to experience?

How beautiful you are!

How beautiful you are, because you hold a key that unlocks a secret, if it were to be told and shared,

would give this world a push start into a higher speed, and a rush of excitement…

like riding a tricycle and as a child, with long, curly hair, that feels a twirl of a breeze,

weaving, and dashing all over of their child-like body, knowing everything is going to be okay.

Along the ecstasy of the ride, there are bumps in the sidewalks,

sticks that have fallen from the trees on the ground,

and the rider has a choice to make: Do I be safe and ride around or just ride over the brush?

See, we all fit into one… two… three likenesses… or just one. And being just one is exquistely wonderful.

Gatherers will find what they are looking for in life, in themselves, and totally be comfortable,

Searchers must be alert, frantic, as if tomorrow will never awake itself, and darkness will be the new novelty;

and Seekers nevertheless discover the captivating, as it feeds life into their souls, and it is fed back into the world.

Many perish while on this journey, however

very few prepare for it.

Why, O why did the kings of old bury Glory

in blankets of desert sand and into the heartbeat of the Earth,

inside of your very self?

Seek and you will find;

look within and you will understand.



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